Seamless billing and payment integration

Our integrated billing and payment system provides flexible pricing options, allowing patients to make upfront payments with customisable cancellation fees. It offers convenient payment distribution between the doctor and clinic, either through configurable percentage splits or direct payment to the doctor.

Optimised appointments for personalised patient care

Transforming healthcare scheduling with intelligence, our advanced appointment system optimises bookings based on appointment type, practitioner availability, and urgency, ensuring seamless experiences, improved efficiency, and personalised care.

Effective communication

Automation enhances timely and accurate communication while streamlining administrative tasks, strengthening the patient-provider relationship. This involves email/SMS notifications, Google and Outlook integration and customisable email and SMS templates.

Automated Medicare online claim

Diagnode provides a streamlined solution for Medicare online claim processing. With patient consent, our system automates the submission of Medicare claims after each appointment, eliminating paperwork for patients and enabling healthcare providers to efficiently handle claims on their behalf.

Effortless availability management for healthcare providers

The platform streamlines availability management for healthcare providers, enabling them to effortlessly establish and manage appointment time slots. They have the option to categorise appointments as video, telephone, or in-clinic, as well as mark urgent slots for prompt care. Moreover, practitioners can create blocks in their calendar to indicate unavailability and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Highest level of security and compliance

By implementing strong security measures and adhering to healthcare data privacy regulations, patient data is effectively safeguarded and confidentiality is maintained.

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Meet our founding doctors

Dr. Chris Ross and Dr. Dev Tilakaratne are specialised dermatologists who live and breathe telehealth. They were awarded the 2019 NT Emerging and Energised Telstra Business for the teledermatology service, Dermo Direct, which is powered by Diagnode.

"Between 13 March 2020 and 31 July 2022, 118.2 million telehealth services have been delivered to 18 million patients, and more than 95,000 practitioners have now used telehealth services."- "Australian Digital Health Agency"

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