Diagnode proudly announces its acceptance into DHF Drive, an esteemed start-up program hosted by DHF (Digital Health Festival). This milestone marks a significant step forward for Diagnode as it continues to redefine telehealth services in Australia and beyond.

DHF Drive is the start-up program of DHF, focusing on innovation and community fostering within the digital health realm. It encompasses the Startup Village, Startup Showdown, and exclusive events like the Founders Breakfast, offering a platform for trailblasing startups to revolutionise healthcare. Diagnode’s acceptance into the DHF start-up cohort, a contra deal-based program, reflects its commitment to driving innovation in the digital health sector.

Being a part of DHF Drive provides Diagnode with a range of benefits tailored to support emerging companies in digital health:

Exhibition opportunity

Diagnode will showcase its innovative solutions at DHF24 through a stall in the Start-up Village, gaining exposure to key industry players and potential partners.

Access to special events

Diagnode gains access to exclusive events such as the Founders Breakfast and other festival events, providing valuable networking opportunities and insights into the digital health landscape.

Pitching opportunity

Diagnode has the potential to pitch its solutions in the Start-up Showdown, further showcasing its innovative approach to digital healthcare delivery.

DHF has identified several unique characteristics of Diagnode that set it apart from other companies:

  • Diagnode’s features are developed based on actual doctor-patient-portal interactions, ensuring that its solutions meet the real-world needs of healthcare providers and patients.
  • Diagnode offers bespoke features tailored to individual clinics and doctors, enhancing the personalised delivery of care.
  • Diagnode has a fully developed product that is actively being used, demonstrating its maturity and readiness for scaling.
  • Diagnode’s innovation has been driven by insights gained from clinical interactions, distinguishing it from purely IT-driven approaches.

As Diagnode embarks on this journey with DHF Drive, it remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering cutting-edge telehealth solutions that empower both patients and healthcare providers. Together with DHF Drive, Diagnode is poised to lead the charge in driving positive change and making a meaningful impact on healthcare delivery.

Stay tuned as we navigate this transformative journey with DHF Drive and witness the ground-breaking innovations that emerge. The future of telehealth has never looked brighter, and Diagnode is proud to be at the forefront of driving innovation in digital health.