The Diagnode Features

Diagnode telehealth platform offers an array of robust features carefully crafted to enhance accessibility, streamline workflows, prioritise patient privacy, and empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional virtual care.

Explore the remarkable capabilities that Diagnode brings to the table and embark on a journey towards a future where distance is no longer an obstacle to quality healthcare.

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An intuitive, user-friendly dashboard

The Diagnode telehealth system comes equipped with a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard that puts powerful features at your fingertips such as calendar, management tools, integrations and admin settings. Seamlessly manage appointments, logs, invoices, and patient/practitioner information from a centralised hub.

Mobile accessibility

A mobile-friendly interface allows patients and healthcare providers to access the platform from their smartphones or tablets, facilitating on-the-go access and increasing convenience.

Security and compliance

Robust security measures and compliance with healthcare data privacy regulations, such as The Privacy Act of 1988, ensure the protection of patient data and maintain confidentiality.


Diagnode’s reports provide a detailed overview of financial transactions between patients and healthcare providers within the system. With these reporting features, Diagnode empowers both patients and practitioners with accurate and accessible invoicing information, promoting transparency, financial accountability, and efficient financial management within the telehealth ecosystem.

Integration with existing systems

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Diagnode platform offers integration capabilities with existing healthcare systems, such as the Australian electronic health record (EHR) systems or practice management software. This allows for seamless data flow and improves workflow efficiency.

Video platform

Diagnode has successfully developed a proprietary, secure video platform, setting itself apart in the market. Each video appointment within this platform is allocated a unique link, tailored exclusively to the participating doctor and the patient. The video session is effortlessly initiated by the doctor through a simple click on their designated link, while the patient follows suit. Notably, this cutting-edge video platform operates seamlessly within the web browser, obviating the necessity for an additional standalone application. In addition, a virtual waiting room feature empowers patients to effortlessly check in for their scheduled telehealth appointments and patiently await their turn to be seen.

Intelligent appointment scheduling

Our appointment scheduling system optimises the booking process for patients. It considers factors like appointment type, referrals, practitioner availability, and urgency of the medical condition to guide patients to the best type of appointments. Existing patients enjoy a seamless experience with pre-filled forms and the ability to update information. The system notifies patients if their referral has expired. Patients can upload screenshots and images to aid communication, and our advanced NLP algorithm extracts referral details. The system offers flexibility with video consultations, telephone appointments, or in-clinic visits, catering to diverse patient needs. This enhances convenience, reduces administrative burdens, and improves overall efficiency and accuracy.

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Appointment types

The system offers highly customisable appointment types for clinics, allowing them to configure options for initial and follow-up appointments independently. Clinics can determine whether each appointment type can be conducted via video, telephone, or in-clinic consultations. They can also set distinct pricing, durations, and urgent pricing for different appointment types. These settings can be personalised by practitioners as needed. This extensive customisation empowers clinics to optimise their appointment management, aligning it with their workflow and meeting their specific requirements. The configurable system improves efficiency, enhances patient experiences, and streamlines operations in the scheduling process.

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Practitioner availability

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The system simplifies availability management for practitioners, allowing them to easily set up and maintain their time slots for appointments. They can categorise appointments as Video, Telephone, or In-clinic, and flag urgent slots for timely care. Practitioners can also create blocks in their calendar to indicate unavailability and prevent conflicts. The system integrates seamlessly with popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, ensuring consistent and up-to-date availability. Overall, this system enhances the appointment booking experience for both practitioners and patients.

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Email/SMS notifications

Our notification system enables healthcare providers to effortlessly send automated emails and SMS messages for appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-up instructions. Automation enhances timely and accurate communication while streamlining administrative tasks, strengthening the patient-provider relationship. After each appointment, patients receive an automated email with an invoice for convenient Medicare claims. This saves time and effort, simplifying the financial aspect of healthcare. By integrating our system, providers enjoy improved patient communication, streamlined administration, and enhanced satisfaction. Automation and invoicing contribute to an efficient and patient-centric healthcare experience.

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Google and Outlook integration

Google Calendar Microsoft Outlook

The system allows practitioners to easily synchronise their Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar, ensuring real-time updates and two-way communication. It automatically adds patient appointments to the chosen calendar and promptly updates it in case of rescheduling or cancellations. This prevents scheduling conflicts and maintains accurate time management. Practitioners can also create or update events in their calendar, which are instantly reflected in the system’s availability calendar. The system intelligently blocks marked availability slots based on the newly created or updated events in the practitioner’s Google or Outlook calendar which ensures that conflicting appointments cannot be scheduled during the designated availability periods. Overall, the synchronisation feature streamlines calendar management, improves patient appointment handling, and enhances scheduling efficiency for practitioners.

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Customisable email/SMS templates

The system provides clinics with an array of features to personalise communication with patients through emails and SMS. Clinics can create custom templates for appointment confirmations, reminders, invoices, cancellations, and rescheduling. These templates allow clinics to maintain consistent branding by incorporating their colours and visual identity. The system’s HTML-based framework offers flexibility for designing visually appealing templates that showcase the brand’s essence. Intuitive tools facilitate easy modification of content and formatting, ensuring up-to-date and relevant communication. Clinics can adapt their communication strategy, providing a personalised experience for patients. Overall, the system enhances clinic-patient communication with dynamic and customisable features.

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Billing and payment integration

Our billing and payment system offers flexible pricing options for enhanced convenience. Patients make upfront payments with customisable cancellation fees. Payments can be divided between the doctor and clinic based on a configurable percentage, eliminating end-of-month settlements. Alternatively, the entire payment can go directly to the doctor, with settlement between the clinic and doctor at month-end. Configuration options include transferring payments to the clinic, the doctor, or splitting payments based on percentage. Payments reach clinic and doctor bank accounts within three days. Invoicing is seamlessly managed through the Diagnode portal, streamlining monthly procedures.

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Medicare online claim

Medicare Australia

Diagnode is a certified vendor for health services that offers a valuable solution for Medicare online claim processing on behalf of patients. With patient consent, the system seamlessly automates the submission of Medicare claims after each appointment. This service eliminates the need for patients to deal with cumbersome paperwork, allowing healthcare providers to handle Medicare claims efficiently on their behalf.