Intelligent appointment scheduling

Our highly optimised appointment scheduling system offers a comprehensive solution to assist patients in efficiently booking the most appropriate appointments. By taking into consideration various factors, such as whether the appointment is for an initial consultation or a follow-up, the presence or absence of a general practitioner (GP) referral, practitioner availability, patient preferences, and the urgency of the medical condition, we ensure that patients are guided to select the optimal appointment.

For existing patients, our platform provides a seamless experience by prefilling their form details upon login. They also have the convenience of updating their information if necessary. During the booking process, our system actively notifies patients if their referral has expired, ensuring that they are aware of the need for a current referral.

To further enhance user convenience, our platform allows patients to upload screenshots and images, which can be beneficial for better understanding and communication of their medical condition. Leveraging our advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm, the burden of filling in referral details is greatly reduced for patients. Once they upload their referral, our system intelligently extracts relevant information, including the GP’s name, GP provider number, and referral date, streamlining the booking process and minimising manual data entry.

By incorporating these advanced features and technologies, our appointment scheduling system prioritises patient convenience, reduces administrative burdens, and facilitates a seamless booking experience that enhances overall efficiency and accuracy.

In addition to the aforementioned features, our optimised appointment scheduling system offers patients the flexibility to choose their preferred appointment type. Recognising the importance of meeting diverse patient needs, we provide options for video consultations, telephone appointments, or in-clinic visits.

Video consultations enable patients to connect with healthcare professionals remotely, utilising secure and reliable communication platforms. This option proves particularly beneficial for patients who may have difficulty traveling or prefer the convenience of receiving medical advice from the comfort of their own homes.

Telephone appointments offer a convenient alternative for patients who prefer to discuss their medical concerns over the phone. This mode of communication allows for effective patient-provider interaction and ensures that essential healthcare advice and guidance can be provided, even without a physical presence.

For patients who prefer or require in-person consultations, our system facilitates the booking of clinic appointments. This traditional method allows for comprehensive physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and treatments that may be necessary for certain medical conditions.

By offering a range of appointment options, we empower patients to select the most suitable mode of consultation based on their preferences, comfort level, and specific healthcare needs. This flexibility aims to enhance patient satisfaction, improve accessibility to healthcare services, and ultimately contribute to better health outcomes.