Practitioner availability

The system offers practitioners a dynamic and efficient method for managing their availabilities within their calendar. With this system, practitioners have the ability to easily set up and maintain their available time slots, which will be displayed to patients during the booking process.

This system provides practitioners with a range of flexible options to create and customise their availabilities based on their specific needs. They can categorise their availabilities as Video, Telephone, or In-clinic, allowing patients to choose the most suitable type of appointment. Additionally, practitioners have the option to flag certain availabilities as only visible for urgent appointment requests from patients, ensuring timely access to care.

Moreover, the system enables practitioners to create blocks in their calendar, overriding availability for specific date and time slots. This feature allows practitioners to indicate periods when they will not be available, ensuring accurate scheduling and preventing any conflicts or double-bookings.

In addition to these capabilities, the system offers seamless two-way integration and synchronisation with popular calendar platforms such as Google Calendar and Outlook. This integration ensures that the practitioner’s availability is always up-to-date across all their calendar systems. Any changes made in the system will be automatically reflected in their integrated calendars, and vice versa, minimising the risk of scheduling discrepancies.

By providing practitioners with a dynamic, efficient, and integrated solution for managing their availabilities, this system streamlines the appointment booking process and enhances the overall experience for both practitioners and patients.