Clinic’s landing page

Diagnode creates a custom landing page for your Telehealth service.

For your patients to visit this custom landing page, you will insert a “Telehealth” button on your clinic’s website.

The custom landing page intelligently sorts patients that are eligible for Rural Telehealth Rebates or not, and those that are in Nursing Homes.

Diagnode telehealth clinic landing page

How will patients make an appointment?

  1. Patient enters the custom landing page from your clinic’s website by pressing the “Telehealth” button.
  2. Patient gets to identify whether they are a nursing home patient, a rural or non-rural patient.
    1. If patient is a nursing home patient, they click “Nursing home patient” button. This takes the patient directly to the booking page for nursing home patients.
    2. If patient is not a nursing home patient, they enter their postcode and click “book an appointment”.
      1. If patient is in a rural area, he/she gets directed to the page to book an appointment.
      2. If patient is not located in a rural area, he/she gets directed to express appointment page.
  3. Diagnode telehealth platform - patient makes a booking online
  4. Patient can select an appointment and choose the doctor they want to see.
  5. Patient will fill in an intake form (much like a new patient form) with details as well as uploading photos onto a HIPAA secure system. These forms are customisable to some degree for each clinic and each appointment type.
  6. Diagnode telehealth platform - patient fills in an intake form online
  7. Once the booking process is completed, patient will get to enter their credit card details.
  8. Patient will receive an email notification in their inbox with the appointment details.
  9. When it comes closer to the appointment date and time, patient will receive a reminder.

How does it work for clinics?

  • When patient completed the booking online, the clinic and/or doctor sends an email to the patient, which is their booking confirmation (example shown).
  • The clinic receptionist can then enter the appointment into the normal clinic software.
  • If the patient is a new patient, the clinic receptionist can enter their details into the normal clinic software.
  • Fees can be taken all up front or a deposit paid, with remainder to be billed after the appointment.
  • Fees are charged online through Stripe, which is linked to your clinic’s bank account
Diagnode telehealth platform - email invoice

How to see your patient at an appointment?

  1. When it comes time to the appointment the doctor logs into Zoom and creates a new meeting
  2. Diagnode telehealth platform - doctor starts a new Zoom meeting with patient
  3. When your patient (“Test me please” in the below photo) clicked the hyperlink from their confirmation email or join the ID room number, which I specific to you, you will the patient’s name on the app.
  4. Diagnode telehealth platform - doctor admits patient from Zoom waiting room
  5. You can click “See Waiting Room” to put your patient in the virtual waiting room (which is customisable) until you ‘admit’ them. That means you can have patients waiting just like a real clinic, and they will know they are in the right area.
    Diagnode telehealth platform - how to admit patient in Zoom
    This is what the patient will see:
  6. Diagnode telehealth platform - patient in Zoom waiting room
  7. If the patient hasn’t logged on, you can send them an email link or an SMS link to join the current video appointment.
  8. Diagnode telehealth system - send patient message to join Zoom video call
  9. You proceed with the telehealth consult as normal, typing notes in your clinic software (either remotely from home, or at clinic), and print out any pathology or prescription forms that are needed. Most remote logins allow you to print remotely at home as well.
  10. After the consult is over, you can put the patient back in the “virtual waiting room” and then proceed to see the next patient.
  11. The patient (if qualifies for Medicare Rebate under Rural/nursing home patient rules) will then automatically receive an email with a Medicare receipt that will be their responsibility to claim.
  12. To pay the remainder of the appointment, the doctor or reception staff, can go through and click pay on each of the patients at the end of each clinic/day.
  13. Alternatively, you can take all the payment up front from the patient, which then requires no added payment to be taken after the appointment If a patient doesn’t show to clinic – you have the option of refunding payment or deposit at your discretion (through Stripe).
Diagnode telehealth - how to accept payment from patient

Support from Diagnode

  • Instructional screenshots will be supplied and sent to Reception Staff and Doctors.
  • If needed, we can arrange for your clinic to install software onto the computer that will allow us to control the computer to show your staff how it all works and to answer some FAQs.
  • Once it’s all up and running, it’s a simple and efficient process.