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Teledermatology provided by Diagnode

Teledermatology is a useful and innovative tool to provide efficient access to Specialist Dermatological care for those in areas without ready access to such a specialist. This service provides businesses with a means to access a telehealth platform that will in turn help provide access to telehealth for patients of that business. We acknowledge that there are limitations to this service, but endeavour to provide the best service possible. Limitations to our service may include reliable technology/connectivity, subscription services and payment platforms. Diagnode will endeavour to provide assistance with technological issues. It is the responsibility of the business partaking in usage of Diagnode, for the patient to have the relevant technological access to participate in the service.

Payment for Service

Patient payment details are requested at the time of booking an appointment, which is prior to the commencement of the consultation. Patient fee payment will only be accepted via credit card payment through Visa or Mastercard. A deposit may be charged to the patient’s credit card upon booking. Our booking fee is non-refundable and is part of the patient deposit fee or consult fee if no deposit has been taken. Payment will be issued to the business/clinic through Stripe, minus our booking fee and any transaction fee that may be incurred through Stripe.

General Terms of Service

Diagnode makes no warranties as to the content of any medical consultation conducted through our service. You and your specialist/GP are responsible for all information and communication sent during a consultation. Your specialist/GP will keep a record of the consultation with you, but Diagnode does not guarantee that a video consultation is the appropriate course of treatment for your particular problem. You agree to contact your own doctor should your condition change or worsen, and on the advice of further tests and investigations suggested by your consulting dermatologist. The services being offered are “as is” basis and used by the patient solely at their own risk.

When you register and book an appointment, you accept the terms of service, and you are required to provide us with personally identifiable information. It is your responsibility to update this information so that our records are complete and up to date. Diagnode and the business/clinic reserves the right to cancel your appointment/registration without notices at its sole discretion.

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These Terms of Service we last updated on 21st March 2020.